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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Oil and Water Don’t Mix, Even in the Gulf of Mexico

| On 27, Apr 2010

The white blob in the right half of the picture if the oil spill area so far in the Gulf of Mexico.

I was watching CNN a little earlier and meteorologist Chad Myers was talking about how the weather will impact the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

If you haven’t heard, an oil rig sunk in the Gulf of Mexico last week after an explosion. A well from the rig is leaking oil into the open water.  Unfortunately, 11 people are still missing while 115 made it off the rig safely.  The explosion was about 40 miles off of the southeast Louisiana coast.  Oil spills are never a good thing, though they are not uncommon.  NASA has some satellite images (see above) showing the oil spill from space covering an area nearly 50 miles wide.

My first thought was “Uh oh .. we’re going to have another Exxon Valdez..” from back in 1989 when the tanker made a hot ecological mess in Alaska. As a kid watching TV at the time, I thought it was so cool to see birds and dead fish covered in a whole lot of oil and nobody seemed to get in trouble for it.  That was before I learned to care about our planet, ecosystem, and the like.  Don’t judge me.  I was in elementary school.

Well, now a warning (of sorts) has been issued for beachgoers from Louisiana to Florida.  If the weather plays out right in the coming days, you may be covering that two-piece bikini or speedo in “87 Regular” if you go for a swim.  That’s not a hot look.  So be careful and stay tuned to the weather if you have travel plans in the area.

The ecological spill is all but certain to spill over into politics, especially with the recent push for offshore drilling.  Expect to see liberal Democrats and the environmental lobby pitch a fit about this one.  The loss of life is unacceptable, and I totally agree with that.  I’m certain that many questions still remain about the explosion and whether offshore drilling is the best option for the U.S.

Somewhere in all of this, though, we’re going to meet an oil-soaked beach-going Tea Party Grandma without health insurance, who lost her 401(k) in the financial collapse after she came back from the Iraq War.  She’ll claim how she wrote President Obama 500 letters about the rigs, but since he didn’t respond, then he’s the cause of the crisis.  I can just feel her being created out of thin air now…

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