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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Oil Drilling Queen, Sarah Palin, Concocts an Obama-Oil Link

| On 24, May 2010

This is some of the most hypocritical mess I have read in a while.  But then again, it’s coming from Sarah Palin. What should I have expected?

Palin appeared on her employer’s Sunday talk program, FOX News Sunday, yesterday to discuss a few hot topics this week.  One of biggest issues of the past month is the growing oil spill and environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Well, of course Palin has a little something to say about oil.  She’s the queen of the “Drill Baby Drill” slogan and has been a major supporter of offshore drilling when she was campaigning to be vice president.

Fast forward to 2010 and the Gulf is looking like a toxic soup of 87 Unleaded, Pennzoil, and slick wildlife.  Sarah actually formed her lips to say that President Obama may not have responded to the oil crisis fast enough because of campaign contributions from BP.

I reported on May 5 that Obama only received $77,000 from BP of his $750 million campaign war chest.  That’s a drop in the bucket.  It doesn’t make logical sense that he wouldn’t be concerned about the Gulf over a mere $77,000 contribution.  Hell, his family made over $5 million last year alone!

Palin said that if it were a Republican president in office, the mainstream media would have been all over him.  Well of course they are all over a Republican when they fly over a flooded city and wait five days to even address a natural catastrophe. Obama’s team has been on top of the oil spill, but of course, private industry is to blame for this screw-up.

I find it so disingenuous when she attacks Obama for the same things that she’s promoted since she landed in the spotlight. In this interview she complains that the “mainstream media” hasn’t done enough to needle Obama.  This dummy WORKS for the mainstream media!!  Maybe if she was a real journalist and not just a well-paid talking head and GOP operative, she might roll up her sleeves and do some real investigative research?!

Oh, I forgot, people don’t make $100K per speech and get their own reality shows for research and fact-checking.  She needs to have a seat somewhere .. in a remote igloo in northern Alaska!

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