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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Ok, So General McChrystal Got the Boot

| On 28, Jun 2010

Obama handed General Stanley McChrystal this love note in their White House meeting last Wednesday.

I’m back everybody!!  Sorry for my hiatus, but you probably don’t care why I was absent. LOL! I missed you all, though. 🙂

One of the major stories while I was gone was the removal of General Stanley McChrystal as the leader of the Afghan war effort. Everyone pretty much saw it coming with the Rolling Stone article dropping last Tuesday and McChrystal’s immediate summons from Afghanistan to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a Wednesday meeting.

Obama was not playing with that ass when he accepted McChrystal’s resignation in person.  In fact, Obama was so dead-set on process that he wouldn’t entertain the idea without the almost-immediate face-to-face meeting. He said he will have the final say on the direction of McChrystal’s career in relation to this war effort.

The direction called for McChrystal to follow the exit signs, bust a right at the corridor, and walk outside to his ’82 Buick.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and for damn sure don’t think you’ll be leading any further parts of this war.

The response to Obama’s decision has been well-received.  McChrystal’s remarks were completely unbecoming of military leadership, who usually show a strong level of nonpartisan action when dealing with politics.  I guess ole’ Stanley was just feeling his Wheaties when he sat down with Rolling Stone. He damn sure wasn’t thinking with any level of common sense by playing Chatty Cathy with an entertainment reporter.

General David Petraeus will now replace McChrystal as the leader of the Afghan efforts. He has already served as the leader in Iraq under President Bush, so the experience is there.  Obama has stressed that though the people are changing, the strategy is not.

He may want to rethink the strategy part, but I’ll save that commentary for another post.

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