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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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OMG! Sunday Talk Shows Are White, Male, and Republican

| On 15, Sep 2010

It's not too much diversity of any kind gathered on the Sunday talk show sets...

I hope you felt the sarcasm dripping from the title.

Our friends over at Think Progress have reported on a recent study showing that of the five major Sunday political talk shows, most of the guests are “white, male, senior, and Republican.” If this surprises you, then I’m going to throw some Holy water at you ASAP.

The study was conducted by the George Mason University School of Law. The Sunday programs include Meet the Press (NBC), Face The Nation (CBS), This Week (ABC), State of the Union (CNN), and FOX News Sunday (FOX).

In all fairness, Congress is dominated by white men, especially in the Senate. I’m not quite understanding, though, the Republican bias (except on FOX News) considering that Democrats control both the House and Senate. There are some notable women in Congress that could use some additional shine.

The study notes that the demographics we are seeing on TV don’t match up with the general population or the Congressional one either. Minorities make up almost 15 percent of Congress, but are only about two percent of the Sunday talk guests. The numbers were 16 percent for actual women in Congress, but only 13 percent for those that made the Sunday small screen.

I found this part interesting. The executive producer of ABC’s This Week said that “bookings are dictated by the news and newsmakers” and “few of those newsmakers in top leadership positions are women or members of minorities.”

Umm .. let me stop him right there.

Yes, Sunday talk is about recapping the week. But, wouldn’t they like to do their viewers an additional service by highlighting a few other people in Congress as well? A lot of these “newsmakers” only get traction because the networks repeat the same stories over and over again. It might serve as a novel idea to highlight more of our government so we don’t only see the “leadership” getting the spotlight.

Last time I checked, all 535 members of Congress work for WE THE PEOPLE. TV networks, I need a status report on every last one of them .. not your favorite 10 or 12 here and there. *side-eye*

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