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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Palin Backs Allen West, A Black Congressional Candidate

| On 05, Apr 2010

Sarah Palin has been busy both on her Tea Party tour and lending her hand to upcoming conservative candidates for Congress. This time, Cinderella Palin waved her magic wand over Allen West, who is running as a Republican in Florida’s 22nd district. He is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and a veteran of the Iraq War.  And, of course, he’s a staunch conservative … so it fits in perfectly with Palin’s narrative.  Here’s what Sarah said on Facebook:

“Allen is a small government fiscal conservative running against a left-wing ideologue (Congressman Ron Klein) who’s marched to the beat of Nancy Pelosi on every issue from cap-and-tax to the stimulus, TARP, and, of course, Obamacare,” said the quitter former governor.

Like I always tell my readers, I’m not opposed to conservatives, or even African-American ones.  If you believe firmly in a cause, I encourage you to fight for it.  Do you and do it well!

But, the clip below shows West speaking about fighting “tyranny,” much like the Founding Fathers.  He also goes into a whole piece about the “entitlement class” vs. the “producing class,” and the class warfare between the two.  Huh?  His effort to distinguish conservatives from liberals involves referencing a lady who thought she wouldn’t have to pay her mortgage or for gasoline by voting for Obama. Umm … that’s not me, and clearly I have an independent/liberal point of view.  And not all conservatives are members of the “producing” class, either.  Trust me.

I didn’t want to take it there on the “Founding Fathers” comment either.  But, they fought British tyranny, yet his and my own people stayed shackled in slavery in the New America for 89 more years?!  And he references them as the model to which 2010 America needs to aspire.  NO SIR!  I’m not going to relive history or play the blame game, but I just needed to LET THE RECORD SHOW really quick.  I’m just saying…

Here’s a clip of Allen West speaking in October 2009:

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