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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Palin Is Piss Poor in Polls

| On 12, Feb 2010

Sarah Palin uses the "Phone-A-Friend" option when asked about her plans if elected president.

Again, I feel like we’re playing “State the Obvious” here.  But, despite being everywhere over the past few weeks, former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, is still disappointing to many voters.   According to the latest Washington Post / ABC News poll, at least 70 percent of people think she is unqualified to be president. ::gasp::

I think that number should be closer to 98 percent.  I’ll leave room for the two percent of Teabaggers, some Alaskans, and her immediate family.  But, what in the world is 30 percent of America smoking?  Did she develop EXPERIENCE overnight and I missed it?  Did she finish a full-term of a job she was elected to do?

It’s interesting to note that Palin hasn’t won many friends in conservative circles.  Only 45 percent of them think she is qualified to be POTUS.  That number was 66 percent in November 2009.  Sounds to me like people want the Sarah that could be seen and not heard (a la McCain campaign).

Her recent appearances show that people are not connecting to her Candyland / fantasy world of being some respected world leader.  If you’re like me, you’re wondering about the basics.  Where are the kids, the man, and the grandson???

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