Pass The Offering Plate AND Your 9mm Heat In Louisiana Churches

| On 07, Jul 2010

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) goes from oil spill worries to stocking houses of worship with guns. What is NOT going on in Louisiana?!

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed some strange new legislation into law for his home state.

Starting August 15, it will now be legal to be “strapped” in houses of worship in Louisiana, as long as you have had your concealed weapon permit for five years, take eight hours of training classes per year, and pass a background check. The head of the worship house must announce weekly if anyone is knowingly armed in service.  The new focus on guns in church is not so much for personal safety, as it is for the good of the whole congregation.

See, many spiritual houses can’t afford a security force, so this new law will help them assign people to a volunteer force who meet the requirements I listed.  It’s a backdoor approach of people taking protection into their own hands using “security force” as the selling point.

The thought of a gun in church is really odd, and almost funny, but this seems an extreme way to address an economic need.  But, I guess the people of Louisiana feel that the armor of both God and Smith & Wesson will keep the enemy at bay.  Personally, I’m not trying to watch the Mother Board popping a cap in somebody’s ass in the choir stand because they don’t like this week’s praise and worship selection.  Maybe that’s just me?  Guns are kinda scary.

P.S. – Dear Lord, please forgive me in advance for the jokes I’ve cracked in this post.  I’m not trying to feel Your wrath or that of a semi-automatic weapon during my prayer time. Thanks.

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