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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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POTUS Posts His Healthcare Plan

| On 23, Feb 2010

This sign will suck the life out of your bank account.

Monday morning at 10:00 a.m., President Obama posted his healthcare plan on the White House website.  And guess what?  He didn’t say a damn thing about it afterward… LOL!  I guess he figured the press would beat him up anyway.  He was right and I’m sure about to add in my two cents!

Here’s a few basics about Obama’s plan:

  • Millions of people would be required to have health insurance or face fines.  There will be subsidies for low-income people to get insurance.  This makes absolutely NO sense to me.  You require people to buy these ridiculously-priced plans?!?
  • Medicaid at the state level would be expanded.  Sounds good, but a public option would be better.
  • Medicare drug benefits for seniors would also be expanded.  Again, a public option would be even better.
  • Insurers would sell insurance in “exchanges” to those who do not have employer-based coverage.  Hopefully, “exchange” means cheaper rates.  I could probably insure a 2011 Maybach in downtown Baghdad and pay for a penthouse in Manhattan for cheaper than my high-a$$ health insurance premium prices.  And I’m healthy!!
  • A nationwide authority would be created to review insurance rates.  It’s about damn time!!  It’s sad they have to create an “authority” to do this.  Did they think that destitute families were making up these sickening prices???
  • The unearned income (i.e., stock dividends, etc.) of the rich would be a main funding source.  However they have to do it, they need to do it!  When there are grown men and women sliding down a pole in a dimly-lit, smoky room JUST to pay for healthcare, we have a problem!

Ok, but where the hell is the PUBLIC OPTION??  We can sit here and talk healthcare until the cows come home.  I don’t understand what the problem is about creating a public option.  I know it will cost money.  Our two illegal wars we are conducting off-budget also cost TRILLIONS of dollars.  If we can’t supply the medical needs of our own people .. damn some terrorists .. we are killing OURSELVES!! 

To the president’s credit, this is just a proposal in advance of Thursday’s much-hyped Healthcare Summit with bipartisan lawmakers.  It still doesn’t excuse the fact that they are not listening to broke and uninsured Americans about providing a public option.  I’m curious to see what will come out of the Summit or if this healthcare thing will ever be finished.

I give kudos to the Prez for “trying” to step out with ideas and keep this debate moving forward.  But, I’m still going to keep pushing for a public option as long as my fingers will type. 

P.S. – Check out the growing list of U.S. senators (now 23) who have the balls to openly support the public option.

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