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POTUS Signs Law for $18 Billion in Jobless Benefits

| On 18, Apr 2010

Pictures say a thousand words. Hopefully, this type of picture will shut its mouth really soon...

(More) Help is on the way!

President Obama signed jobless relief worth $18 billion on Thursday night that passed both houses of Congress. The legislation is targeted to out of work Americans whose state relief funds have dried up.  They will get back pay and access to long-term benefits from the federal government.  This is the same package of funding we reported being stalled earlier this month when Congress went on recess.

The bill also contains reimbursements for doctors who accept Medicare from patients.  They were looking at a possible 21 percent cut in pay – a move that may have stopped more than a few doctors from even serving Medicare patients.  The legislation also adds money to the flood insurance program.

Of course, there was the debate in Congress about the benefits adding to our over $12 TRILLION national debt, but the bill passed anyway.  It’s so funny how we have so many conservative legislators cracking the whip on fiscal responsibility, but said and did nothing when given the opportunity to vote against two unfunded wars. I continue to shake my head at that one.  Some of us are so quick to run to the Middle East, while the HOMEFRONT looks a hot mess.

Yes, at some point, we are going to have to reign in the national spending.  I agree wholeheartedly with that.  But, there are a few other areas of our budget that can go BEFORE we cut help to unemployed Americans.  That’s just my personal view…

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