POTUS to Appear In Madden ’11 Video Game

| On 28, Jul 2010

Obama has to be the first president to make an appearance in the Madden set of video games. You'll see him if your virtual team wins the Super Bowl.

President Obama is wearing a lot of hats these days. He’s going to be on The View tomorrow, he knows Oprah Winfrey, and he’s the first Black president.  He’s also a husband, father, brother, and now even makes video game appearances.

Yes, you read correctly. YOUR president of the United States (or a pixelated version of him) will appear in the new Madden ’11 football video game. If your team wins the Super Bowl, then they will get to shake hands with the Prez on the lawn of a pretty real-looking White House.

Since that video scenario happens in real life (where sports figures meet the President), can we get a video game to catch these damn terrorists? Or, maybe one to finally stop the oil spill once and for all? How about a math game for little kids to balance this budget since the grown-ups can’t do it? Ideas people! We gotta keep ’em coming!

You can watch the entire Madden ’11 clip on YouTube. Obama’s at about 1:59 or so. It’s just over two minutes long.

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