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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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President Obama and Sasha Take a Dip Near the Gulf

| On 16, Aug 2010

The President and his youngest daughter, Sasha, beat the heat with a little swim in Saint Andrew Bay during their Florida vacay.

Awww .. isn’t this a picture perfect family vacation shot of two of the Obamas taking a swim during their Florida getaway this past weekend. It almost looks like something out of a travel magazine or a resort brochure .. LOL!

The Obamas headed down to Florida for a day or so this weekend just to getaway from the rat race. They were near Panama City. It was an attempt, as promised, to encourage tourism in the Gulf Coast area that was hit by the oil spill. While there, POTUS and FLOTUS met with business owners to talk recovery. It was a really simple trip that was far less “elitist” that Michelle’s Spanish adventure.

Let’s go back to the above picture. I’m sorry, but you won’t catch Stevie splashing around in that oily water for quite sometime. I know they needed the photo op to reassure people about the Gulf tourism. I say support the area. Still, I will not be jumping in a pool of 87 unleaded on purpose. I need to really FEEL like that Gulf is clean and I’m just not there yet. I’m keepin’ it real. I have always been funny-acting about swimming in clean water.

Notice you did NOT see the First Lady in the water. She’s not trying to get her hair wet .. lol! Ain’t no telling WHAT those dispersants could do to her precious perm!

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