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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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President Obama Chats About the Oil Spill in Primetime

| On 16, Jun 2010

So, the President was treading in tough territory last night with his speech right before Game 6 of the NBA Finals. But, he pulled it off…  In case you missed it, well of course you can watch the clip above.

President Obama addressed the nation with an update on the Gulf Coast oil spill. From a PR and political standpoint, I think this speech was much needed.  Obama must still do the hard work of changing public perception about his handling of this crisis.  Recent polls have shown that a majority of people have an unfavorable opinion of his work on the response to the tragedy.

POTUS discussed a few points that are of note, including:

  • Development of a Gulf Coast Restoration Plan, led by Navy leadership who is also a former Mississippi governor.  This plan will focus not only on recovering from the spill, but also bringing back the natural beauty of the area that was lost to other disasters as well.
  • Formation of a national commission to understand the causes of the oil disaster. [**coughBUREAUCRACYcough**]
  • Continuation of the moratorium for six months on offshore drilling. [Gulf Coast families are NOT happy about this because it’s preventing them from WORKING!]
  • Hiring of new leadership at the Minerals Management Service, whose lax regulation has enabled the oil companies’ shenanigans.  New leadership is responsible for being an industry watchdog, not a cuddle buddy.
  • Renewed calls for investment in clean energy. [This point always seems vague to me, but I’m hope the upcoming energy bill will start to tackle this head-on].

The clip is about 16 minutes long. Watch for yourself and let us know if you think POTUS is doing enough around this crisis overall

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