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President Obama Gets Idiot-Mail

| On 11, Mar 2010

Barack Obama browses the Dummy/Idiot pile of mail he gets everyday.

The president is definitely NOT immune to criticism.  Duh!  His staff that handles his mail doesn’t hide this truth from him either.

Obama admitted (jokingly) on Wednesday during a stop in Missouri that about half of the letters he reads each day call him an idiot. The president asks his staff to pull a representative sample of 10 letters each day for the him to read personally.  He does this to listen to what real Americans are saying everyday, and it seems to work.  Many Americans write him about much more substantive issues though – jobs, healthcare, energy, and whatever the hell other problems they want to shovel on him.

I think it’s funny that people have that much time on their hands to sit down, take pen to paper, and call the president an idiot.  LOL!  I guess it’s a democracy, huh?  What are they really expecting out of that?  The 10 letters that make it to his desk receive a personal response from Obama.  But, is he going to reply, “Dear Joe Blow … Yep I’m an idiot!  Thanks for writing!  Love, Barack..” Not hardly.

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