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President Obama Catches an Elbow to the Lip

| On 30, Nov 2010

A sad-looking President Obama gazes out of one of the White House windows as the official Christmas tree arrives. He was socked in the mouth earlier in the day while playing basketball, hence the ice pack held to his face.

Last Friday, President Obama took an elbow to the mouth and it wasn’t from Republicans opposing his policies.

The president was playing basketball, his favorite sport, and got pounded in the mouth by an opposing team member. The offender was identified at Rey Decerega, director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. It was a pure accident, however, a bloody one. POTUS required 12 small stitches in his mouth to stop the bleeding. He was seen by members of the press pool later in the day holding gauze and an ice pack to his mouth.

Official word is that the president was fine after the incident and that he did not run home crying to the First Lady. He was seen later, though, looking pretty sad out of a White House window as the official Christmas tree arrived.

What a way to end the Thanksgiving holiday weekend?!

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