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President Obama To Address Nation TOMORROW About Oil Spill

| On 14, Jun 2010

Don't worry basketball fans, Obama's national speech airs an hour before the BOS - LAL tipoff! He's gotta update us on the oil, though.

President Obama is trying hard as hell to get out in front of the growing oil spill, from both communications and leadership standpoints.

So, today he headed back to the Gulf Coast for the fourth time since the April 20 explosion of the Deep Water Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico.  During this trip, he will visit Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida to survey damage, talk with residents and get updates.

He is trying to assure Gulf Coast residents and the American people that the Administration is on top of the crisis (even though they didn’t cause it).  They are also putting the pressure on BP by taking a hard look at their dividend payouts and cleanup/repayment funds committed.  Executives from BP and other oil companies are scheduled to testify on Capitol Hill this Tuesday and Thursday.  That should be reeeeeeally interesting….

Obama will head back to Washington, D.C. tomorrow just in time to address the nation at 8:00 p.m. ET with updates on the conditions in the Gulf.

Today is the 56th day of the oil crisis in the region.  When is this really going to END?!?!


P.S. – Word has it that BP does NOT want to reimburse Gulf Coast workers for six months of lost wages due to Obama’s drilling moratorium. They feel that the Administration decided that moratorium on its own, thus taking away income from the residents.  Hmm .. I see BP’s point, but I don’t agree.  We wouldn’t be in this moratorium mess if it wasn’t for BP’s boneheaded mistakes!

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