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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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President Obama to Hit ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’

| On 26, Oct 2010

'The Daily Show' host, Jon Stewart, will sit down for an interview with one of his fans, President Barack Obama, on Wednesday.

The team over at The Daily Show is burning on all cylinders this month just ahead of their Rally to Restore Sanity this Saturday in Washington, D.C.

The Comedy Central show, hosted by Jon Stewart, will have President Barack Obama as a guest on the episode to air on Wednesday, October 27. The president will discuss both the upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity that Stewart is hosting, the nation, and the upcoming midterm elections. It’s been rumored for a long time, and even confirmed by the president on occasion, that he’s a fan of the show. I know I am!!

The appearance by the Commander-In-Chief isn’t the first high-profile guest to mention Stewart’s rally. Earlier this month, Stewart appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as a guest. In return, Oprah appeared via satellite on the show to giveaway plane tickets and hotel stays to Daily Show guests so they too can go to the rally.

The Rally to Restore Sanity will be held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, October 30 from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. The idea is to speak to large moderate group of people who are tired of the back-and-forth bitching between the fringe elements of each party. You know, it’s the Prune Juice Media-type of crowd! We’re sick of the bullshit and ready to get some real work done on the issues.

For those that can’t make it to D.C., there will be 970 Rally to Restore Sanity meetups across the country (click here). The event will also be carried live on Comedy Central and on the Internet.

Yours truly, Stevie, will be on the National Mall on Saturday to cover the rally! I’m so excited…

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