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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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President Obama Wins World Award For “Having Balls”

| On 31, Aug 2010

Various animal testicles are prepared to EAT at the World Testicle Cooking Championship in Serbia over the weekend. They must need a mall and an amusement park BAD over there!! Damn..

I’m shaking and trying to hold my loins as I type this. If there are men reading this, you may want to walk away from the computer.

The World Testicle Cooking Championship took place in Serbia where various animal testicles are cooked and eaten by participants. Eating animal testicles is said to increase male libido. Hmm, don’t know if I’ll ever get up the “balls” to try that one (pun intended).

President Obama received probably THEE strangest award in his career from this festival. He was honored because “he showed he has balls” by taking over the U.S. in such a rough economic and political moment in history. You already know the Prez was NOT on hand to receive or even comment on this distinction. Though, I do agree with their reasoning because I’m surely NOT trying to be president.

No word yet on what the award looked like. I’m sure you can use your imagination. Let’s just say it won’t be on the mantle in the Oval Office. Michelle is NOT going for that one!

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