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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Primary Election Recap of Some WTF Races

| On 25, Aug 2010

I don't understand the obsession with "maverick" John McCain in Arizona?! Is he paying GOP voters out there to elect him? Damn...

Yesterday was primary day in five states – Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Oklahoma, and Vermont. Three of the states had races that were highly publicized (or just flat-out insane). So you know Prune Juice Media has to recap some of those quickly.


What can we say about the great GOP of Arizona? They sure do know how to pick ’em. John McCain survived a strong challenge from J.D. Hayworth, the former Congressman. I’m not sure why the GOP voters are that enthralled with McCain. But hey, if they like it .. hmm .. well, I don’t. McCain will face Democrat Rodney Glassman in the general election in November.

In the AZ-3 Congressional district, Ben Quayle, son of Mr. “Potatoe” Head and former Vice President Dan Quayle, seems like the winner among 10 candidates. Of course, he had some high-brass GOP endorsements from folks like former Secy. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former President George H. W. Bush. It helps to have a daddy in high places. He will face Democrat John Hulburd in the general election.

The best WTF moment in Arizona was when Gov. Jan Brewer (the one that hates immigrants) got 87 percent of the GOP vote in the primary. She will face Democrat Terry Goddard in November. This is the same woman who wants any who “looks illegal” stopped with their papers to prove citizenship. Are the voters of Arizona .. umm .. I mean .. iCant. *slams laptop shut*


Kendrick Meek! Kendrick Meek! Kendrick Meek! The Congressman from south Florida beat the living daylights out of millionaire Jeff Greene. They were running for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate seat. Meek ate Greene, almost literally, with a 57 to 31 percent lead with 95 percent of precincts reporting. One ole’ Pacman… Meek will face Republican Marco Rubio and newly-Independent Charlie Crist in the general election. If he wins that, he would be the first African-American U.S. Senator from Florida.


Sen. Lisa Murkowski may be taking down the drapes and telling her staff to get on pretty soon. Things are not looking good for her as she is behind almost 2,000 votes in her bid to keep her Senate seat in the GOP primary. Attorney Joe Miller is in the lead, but they are still waiting for nearly 14 percent of the vote to come in over the next two weeks. Miller had Sarah Palin stumping for him, so people think that’s why he owns this race.


November is going to be very interesting. Incumbents aren’t safe. Voters are pissed off. Arizona is still a GOP madhouse and the immigration debate is only helping those candidates. Florida Democratic voters need to show up and SHOW THE HELL OUT in November. Republicans are going to gain some seats in races across the country perhaps, but I can’t (and better not) see them taking over both the House and Senate.

All this election data is making my head hurt. *boils water for more tea*

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