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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Primary Highlight: Unknown Man Wins In SC Democratic Senate Race

| On 10, Jun 2010

Attention South Carolina residents: This man, Alvin Greene, could be your next Senator in this Fall! Really. (Photo courtesy of AP)

This is some really crazy news!

An unemployed 32-year-old veteran who lives with his mama won the Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina on Tuesday. Seriously.  He will run against the incumbent Senator Jim DeMint (R) in November.

At this point, I know that ANYTHING in life (and South Carolina politics) is possible.

His name is Alvin Greene. I’m sure you may have never heard of him.  It’s totally understandable.  He ran a non-campaign of sorts … no yardsigns, smoke signals, events, fundraisers, Get Out The Vote effort, bribes, bake sales, car washes, fashion shows, door-to-door .. NOTHING to even let people know he was alive.  Still, he managed to defeat former South Carolina legislator, Vic Rawl, to face the sitting senator in the November election.

You, like me, are probably asking how this could happen.  Many are saying that Greene is a plant by the GOP.  In short, it means that his resources have been funded by the GOP to keep the “stronger” Dem candidate off the ballot (i.e., Rawl).  This will ensure that DeMint wins easily in the Fall.  That’s not confirmed information, but damn, it’s a strong hunch.

How does an UNEMPLOYED veteran living with Mah-Mah drop over $10K in filing fees to enter a race? I’ve heard of people looking for jobs to generate income, but not in the U.S. Senate.  It costs way too much time and energy to secure that position and it comes with a boatload of responsibility.  Greene didn’t even hold a full conversation with the Associated Press without clicking his line over.  Are you serious?!

The “plant” scenario makes sense, but I also don’t want to discount a legitimate win in the democratic process.

Then again, this is SOUTH CAROLINA. This is the same state with the gubernatorial candidate scandalized for alleged affairs that haven’t proven to be true.  There are rallies in the state where people are encouraged to load up their guns, go to Washington, and take back the governor.  The residents suspect their other senator (Lindsey Graham) is a closeted homosexual .. more unproven rumors.  The state has already won the 2010 award for Most Lunatic State Politics.

Back to Alvin Greene, the chairwoman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Carol Fowler, has asked him to step down.  But, he said “Damn that ..” and plans to push on to the finish line in November.  People are amazed that he beat Vic Rawl, who actually raised money and ran ads.  Sadly, the thinking is that since Greene’s name alphabetically came before Rawl’s on the ballot, that people just checked the first one.

I really wish this was Candyland and that I was making this up.  I’m not.  ::sigh::

(Thanks to Jocelyn A. for the tip!)

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