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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Protesters Battle Speaker Nancy Pelosi During Speech

| On 08, Jun 2010

An earlier photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi may sum up how she felt today during protests of her healthcare speech. Pissed meets shocked.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, got a rude awakening when she arrived for a speech today at the nation’s capital.

Madame Speaker was delivering remarks to the America’s Future Now conference on healthcare.  She was met with loud protests from a progressive group of activists called ADAPT.  They are fighting for disability rights and Community Choice Act that is stalled in both the House and the Senate.

If passed, the act would allow those that qualify to go in a nursing home to stay at home and receive community care resources.  Sounds good to me.  Not sure if it was worth interrupting her speech, but hey, you gotta love the First Amendment.

Back to Nay Nay … she had to holler her way through the entire 28-minute speech, even keeping her security detail around her. The protesters were only a few feet away from where she was standing.  Can you imagine that?  I have a healthcare tip for her.  Just drink some hot tea with lemon and give it the ole’ “atta girl try” in the morning.  From reports in The Washington Post, Pelosi was drowned out and distracted by the protesters, some of whom were wheelchair-bound.  I know her voice has to be on lean after that one.

I have to give Pelosi her props though.  When offered the opportunity to remove the protesters, she declined.  She is in favor of free speech.  You don’t see to many politicians willing to do that.  She also had no plans to leave as the protests continued, against the judgment of her security officers.

The part that is confusing everyone is why the protesters even targeted the Speaker. She was obviously in favor of the healthcare bill and has been the face of the push for reform.  I guess they really want to see this particular bill come out of committee, so they needed a blunt way to remind her??  That part is a bit confusing.

Protesting Sarah Palin’s healthcare views makes sense.  But, Nay Nay Pelosi? Try again.

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