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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Prune Juice ‘Media Thoughts’ [December 12, 2010]

| On 12, Dec 2010

Here are more musings and randomness from my political mind.

Today I was watching the Sunday political talk shows. I thought it would be a great time to tweet a few things about the current state of politics.

So, here’s the second installment of my #MediaThoughts hashtag commentary from my Twitter page, in case you missed it this morning.  I added a few more points for kicks. Enjoy!

  1. When I watch “Meet the Press” I see why people think politics is so boring. Speak our language, please.
  2. I understand concerns about national debt, but does that really matter when two million people could have no income?
  3. Real talk, though. I want to know when the leadership is going to truly address the DEBT of this country.
  4. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is right. Obama’s success is the COUNTRY’S success. Whether you support him or not, he has to succeed.
  5. Mayor Bloomberg wants to attach a green card to the graduate degrees of every immigrant in the US to encourage them to stay. What do you think about that?
  6. Gas is back to damn near or above $3.00/gallon. And we’re not pursuing alternative energy because of….?
  7. I heard about Bill Clinton answering questions from the briefing podium in the White House. Ummm…
  8. I just don’t see how two million people without income AND higher taxes would have helped a shitty economy.
  9. Who in the hell left the gate open on Harold Ford Jr.’s hairline?!
  10. R.I.P. Elizabeth Edwards.
  11. Dear Rielle Hunter (John Edwards’s mistress) .. you can’t steal someone’s man and not expect his late wife to haunt your ass now that she’s in Glory.
  12. Obama is sensitive about press coverage. Well dammit, he needs to quit talking to WSJ and NYT and talk to some REAL POLITICAL BLOGGERS!
  13. Sarah Palin went to Haiti, but wouldn’t let Haitian or American media get to her. Is FOX pimping the Haitian people for her Prez bid?
  14. CNN said Candy Crowley WILL beat that face and do her hair to anchor a show! She used to look a mess as a correspondent.
  15. David Axlerod, WH Sr. Adviser, could easily pass as Dr. Phil’s calm identical twin brother.
  16. Here’s to 2011 .. the year the media is going CRAZY over Election 2012 talk. Jesus be a mute button.
  17. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) looks like a younger version of Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) with better grammar.
  18. Michael Steele is supposed to announce tomorrow whether he plans to stay on as RNC chair. I think the ‘I Don’t Give a Shit Mass Choir’ is playing in the background.
  19. To those that didn’t vote on November 2, you do know that part of this mess is your fault. Right?
  20. Did President Obama really say OUT LOUD that he had to leave the briefing room to head to a holiday party? His host’s eggnog ain’t that damn good.


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