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Prune Juice ‘Media Thoughts’ [October 19, 2010]

| On 19, Oct 2010

Just some random thoughts from your favorite sarcastic political pundit.

Over the weekend, I was thinking about some of the more idiotic and questionable aspects of politics and media.

I started to share a few of my thoughts on my Twitter page. They seemed to be a big hit with lots of retweets and feedback. As I think of new ones, which you KNOW I will, I’ll post them on the blog from time to time.

So, for the Twitter-challenged among us, here’s a list of a few things that have been on my mind. Feel free to leave a comment or further questions. If you’re on Twitter, search for the hashtag #mediathoughts.

  1. Whoopi and Joy almost ruined Barbara’s new heart last week on The View.
  2. Christine O’Donnell is Sarah Palin 2.0. It’s like going from Windows 98 to 95.
  3. When I watch Meet the Press, I miss Tim Russert. #RIP
  4. The fact that Jon Stewart can hold a better rally than most politicos is hilarious. Can’t wait for #Rally4Sanity.
  5. If I had a show and Alvin Greene was a guest, I’d tell him, “Sir, have a goddamn seat!” Unacceptable.
  6. So, since we’re holding blogger meetings at the White House now, can PJM get in on the action? I’m just saying.
  7. The media is still talking ‘Palin 2012‘ for the White House. Where is random drug screening when you need it?
  8. How can I have one of the 10 letters that Obama reads daily from Americans? I’d put a few bills in there too. Pay them!
  9. We may not agree on politics, but Sarah Palin knows how to make her money. Add Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to that list.
  10. After November, will I need to give Delaware and Nevada voters the same side-eye I gave Ohio in 2004 for their Bush vote?
  11. I hope CNN got rid of that damn hologram thingy from the 2008 election. WTF? Just use a split screen.
  12. I wouldn’t vote for Meg Whitman for California governor just off of that hairstyle (and her illegal maid).
  13. I need to be a personal Obama advisor. I’ll be the WTF, LMAO, GTFOH voice of reason for the Administration.
  14. Sad fact that Christine O’Donnell had to run an ad saying she’s NOT a witch. Smh. WTF does a witch do in 2010?!
  15. Ohio is pissed off with Obama. They should be pissed at themselves for re-electing Bush and two piss-poor governors.
  16. Love the president and all, but he should have been out “energizing the base” a year ago.
  17. Obama’s approval is in the mid-40 percent range. People are complaining. What about when Bush’s was in the low-20s?
  18. Early voting has started in many states. Will you participate?
  19. My Twitter timeline was filled (on Monday) with the world premiere of a 9-year-old’s video [Willow Smith]. Let’s fill up these POLLS on Nov. 2 too.

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