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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Quitters Win Too, Check Sarah Palin’s $75K Speaking Contract

| On 27, Aug 2010

Sarah Palin is racking up her coins (and bendable straws) on the speaking circuit! $75K for one easy-ass gig. WTF?

I feel like I’m letting the youth of America down every single day. I work hard, stay out of trouble, try to be as honest as possible, and not take people or power for granted.

Check out the recent speaking contract that the charitable foundation of California State University – Stanislaus signed with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for her appearance at the school. The university didn’t want you to see this, but they were forced to release it per a judge’s recent order.

This bitty gets paid $75,000 for an appearance at the university and doesn’t have to pay a dime in travel or hotel costs?! Wow. Are you telling me that a $500-$1,000 plane ticket was going to be a hardship out of her money? Then she gets paid the equivalent of someone’s yearly salary to spew filth and conservative talking points. ::smmfh::

The contract also controls the media that can attend, what type of footage they can shoot, what beverages she has, photography requirements, and her ability to change travel plans at any time. Palin even gets skirted tables and bendable straws.

WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WRONG OUT HERE?!?! Can I just get my bills paid, please? Damn.

For some reason Sarah Palin is a growing force. She’s on every channel. She’s a media personality, former governor, Mama Grizzly, hockey mom, and an asset to many-a-national midterm campaign. This woman quit her job as governor of Alaska last year only to walk into more money, more influence, and (what seems to be) a rising star.

Trust me, I’m all for her getting her coins. I honestly couldn’t blame a young person who looked at her and wanted to take her same shortcuts because, frankly, it’s easier and a much bigger paycheck. It’s the “good ole American way.”

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