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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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R.I.P. “The Public Option”

| On 12, Mar 2010

I love this photo. It is so simple, yet accurate.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  But, the public option died a senseless death this afternoon at the hands of our Congress. This is one issue that this Congress and the Obama Administration have royally pissed me off with!!

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced today that the public option in the healthcare reform bill is no more.  She claimed that the Senate doesn’t have the votes to get it passed.  So, it looks like we’ll get health care reform with no government public option.  There is still hope that the Senate will or will not bring up the public option before they vote on the bill.  That has yet to be seen.

What does this mean for you if the bill passes with no public option?  You or your employer get the pleasure of choosing which high-ass health insurer you want – just like now! Or, if you don’t have the money, you will probably have to go without insurance, which over 30 million people are already doing.

I would say “kill the bill” – but I don’t think it’s going to do much good.  There are some items in it we need, like closing the loophole for pre-existing conditions, etc.  I don’t advocate not doing ANYTHING just because we didn’t get the one part we wanted.

However, the Democrats are effectively drawing the line in the sand with their supporters who are now turning their backs on them. Healthcare has been on the table for over a year now and still no vote has taken place.  It’s the ultimate waste of time and resources.  They have been for, then against, then for, then against the public option while families suffer.  The American people have been screwed long enough and I can’t wait to see some heads roll in November because of this mess.  We have too many resources as a nation NOT to offer all of our citizens at least the choice of a public option!!

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