Radio Host Dr. Laura Uses “The N-Word” On-Air and Apologizes

| On 15, Aug 2010

Talk radio’s Dr. Laura Schlessinger put her foot all the way in her mouth last week with her latest on-air tirade.

A black caller named “Jade” called in to complain about insensitive remarks that her white family and neighbors make while in her presence. Jade’s husband is white.

Soooo .. Jade calls Dr. Laura (why that woman of all people?) for advice. I’ve heard Dr. Laura’s program a few times and she’s about as soothing and understanding as Saddam Hussein. Dr. La-La said that Jade was being “hypersensitive” about race and told her to calm down.

The call escalated into Dr. Laura saying that she hears black comics on HBO say “nigger, nigger, nigger” all the time and wondering why there’s such an uproar when white people say it. Then she mentions that lots of Black people voted for Obama just because he is half-black and that’s “the black thing to do.” WTF is this bitty smoking?!

In short, Dr. Laura thought last week that black people should chill out about the word because SHE (Laura) hears it all the time on HBO. I guess the implication is that since HBO comics use the word all the time, then all black people use the word. Nope! That doesn’t make it right for Jade. I’m all for open dialogue about race, but Dr. Laura was not considering any perspective outside of her own.

Of course, the clip made the TV, radio and Internet rounds and put Dr. La-La in a really tough position. So .. *ta-da* .. she apologized. You can read the full text of Dr. Laura’s apology on her website.

Sidenote: I don’t think that Dr. Laura is necessarily a racist. I do agree with her that we sometimes don’t have a very open and honest debate about race where we can let ALL parties air their honest grievances. However, I do feel that she was being VERY close-minded about the whole situation. She must truly understand that not all black people operate in the same prism of experience among themselves or in relation to her. Hopefully now she will learn not to throw all people of color in the same pot and expect the same results.

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