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Rand Paul Takes a Low-Blow Swipe at the Unemployed!

| On 21, Jun 2010

Maybe it's the curly wiggy that's preventing Rand Paul's brain cells from getting the oxygen they need?? Ya think?!

Rand Paul is continuing the conservative trend of lashing out at the “little guy” to justify why the “bigger guy” shouldn’t give a sh&t!

You may remember Mr. Paul from Kentucky’s U.S. Senate primary.  He is the Republican contender to replace Sen. Jim Bunning (R).  This is the same person who said thinks it’s ok for the private sector to discriminate in their employment practices.

This time, Paul basically says that the unemployed need to quit bitchin’ and get back to work in ANY job they can find. The conversation was around $120 billion in federal extensions for jobless benefits that has YET to be passed, while the unemployed still have bills to pay and families to feed.  Paul thinks that people shouldn’t wait until the job they lost comes open again to find employment.  He also thinks there should be simply a hard cut off for some people to stop depending on the government altogether.

I will give Rand the benefit of the doubt on wanting to pay for the $120 billion with other spending cuts because that is the financially responsible thing to do.  I don’t knock his wanting to reign in spending. I can see his point about cutting those off who are abusing government resources.  It’s not fair to any of us to have to support those who refuse to work under any economic situation.

But, here’s where I have an issue.  I hate to see these spending decisions always balanced on the backs of working Americans! Many of them did not contribute to the crisis caused by the GREEDY FINANCIAL INDUSTRY! When the banks were running roughshod over people with mortgage fraud and suspect lending, no one was screaming about financial responsibility.  The two illegal wars we’re engaged in have not been paid for. We had no issue giving BILLIONS in TARP funds to the banks to prop them back up.  So, is now the time to have a come to Jesus moment about fiscal discipline when average Americans really need the help?

I cannot fathom how this man is from Kentucky, one of the poorest states in the union, and has this viewpoint. His state borders West Virginia for Christ’s sake! Is he that disconnected from reality?! How does he get out on the campaign trail, look the unemployed in the face and say, “I support holding back your unemployment benefits.” There are areas of Kentucky that barely have basic employment (fast food, grocery, Wal-Mart, and stuff like that).  What OTHER jobs are they going to go to?

I guess if I’m ever able to rationalize that, then that makes me crazy too.

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