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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Really Harry??? NEGRO?!!

| On 10, Jan 2010

Sen. Harry Reid is sorry for offending Obama

The latest pile of “ish” to hit the fan this news cycle is centered on Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada), who also serves as Senate Majority Leader.  He was quoted by the authors of the new book, “Game Change,” as saying that Obama could be successful as a black candidate partly because he is “light-skinned” and speaks “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Okaaaaay Harry …. lemme stop you right there! Aside from the two million racial ways this OLD comment is being analyzed, did he think it was 1808 instead of 2008 when he made that comment?  NEGRO?!! You have got to be kidding me, Reid!  That description is about one step above that slave owner language.  It’s ok, you can call us Black or African-American or maybe even Afro-American.  I’m gonna need Big Harry to come at least into the late 20th, if not 21st century, with that dialect.  So, did he send his apology to Obama via Pony Express or telegram?  I’m just saying…

I admit that this comment was very close to being off-the-record.  It also does not surprise me that ::gasp:: someone thought Obama presented himself in an intellectual fashion.  I’m a Black man who also speaks well, so I’m not going to ride the race pony like I’ve never heard the comment in life either.  Hell, it’s not like Harry has turned on his TV and been overwhelmed with POSITIVE images of African-Americans.  Anybody seen Frankie & Neffe or the last round of the BET Awards lately?  Sen. Reid was saying what a lot of the majority of people, including some Blacks, have said privately.  But Negro?  Damn!

So, here comes the head “Negro” of the Republican Party, Michael Steele, blasting Reid’s comments.  As an African-American, I respect Steele’s need to speak out against what he feels is racism.  On today’s “Meet The Press,” he said that Reid used “anachronistic language that harkens back to the 1950s and 60s, and it confirms to me a mind-set out of step with where America is.”

Hmm, Steele must be living in a “fiber”-glass or Saran Wrap house because he hurled one helluva stone.  He is so out of touch, not only with Blacks, but within his own party of moderates and hardcore Conservatives.  This is the same man who lays down everyday and ALLOWS Rush Limbaugh to be the de facto head of his party.  I’m not approving of Harry’s choice of words, but I WILL NOT hold up Michael Steele as the bastion of appropriate Black conduct.  Does anyone want “fried chicken and potato salad?”.  That’s Steele’s solution to draw Blacks to the Republican party (circa July 2009).  GET REAL!!

Check out the story about Senator Reid here.

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