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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Rep. Bob Etheridge Attacks ‘Student’ Filming Him On Public Street

| On 14, Jun 2010

Here’s some strange and disturbing video for your Monday afternoon.

Watch the above clip to see Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-North Carolina) go O-F-F on two men claiming to be college students filming him on a Washington, D.C. street. The guys spot the Congressman, say hello, and ask him “Do you fully support the Obama agenda?” He turns to look at the camera and demands to know who they are.

They then tell him they are college students and just working on a project, but he proceeds to try to take the camera from them. He grabbed the neck of one of the guys and keeps demanding that they tell him “who they are with.” Crazy stuff.

Seems like the Congressman thought that attacking the one boy would help suppress the video. But, no sir! They got his ass with a two-camera angle! YES!! Lol!!

It’s still unknown who the two men who are filming the video.  They post on YouTube as “DCCameraGuy.”

Here’s another slightly longer video, from the up close angle, but not as much visible drama:

MONDAY EVENING UPDATE: Etheridge has apologized for his attack on the two men, as reported by CBS News. Watch his response below:

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