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Rep. Charlie Rangel Chucks His Chairmanship

| On 03, Mar 2010

Don't give me that look, Charlie! You know you took those corporate-funded trips...

House Ways and Means committee chairman, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), has temporarily stepped away from his post due to ongoing ethics investigations.  He met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday evening and announced the change on Wednesday.

Last week, Mr. Rangel was found in violation by the House Ethics Committee for taking corporate-funded trips to the Caribbean. He is also being investigated about his financial disclosures and some other issues.  Rangel is taking a leave from the post so the political heat doesn’t burn everyone else in Congress that’s tied to him, particularly those from New York.  At first, a few of the newer members of Congress distanced themselves from him.  Now that trickle turned into a straight avalanche and everyone wants him out.  The Republicans had been planning a formal resolution to oust him from the post anyway.

Here’s the PJM take on it.  Charlie messed up big time and, yes, he should be punished for it.  Democrats are scared as hell to lose their seats in Congress because of their affiliations with a known ethics violator.  So everyone is gonna act like they have no love for Charlie at all.  These people are trying to get RE-ELECTED, point blank.  It’s kinda sad, but it’s the game they play.  Republicans are going to use this issue big time to try to paint every Democrat that ever shared the same pencil sharpener with Rangel as an “ethics violator.”

The Ways and Means committee handles several very important issues – including taxes, trade, Social Security, and Medicare.  It’s unclear at this point exactly who is going to take over the post in his absence.

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