Rep. Eric Cantor Thinks Dems Are Overblowing Death Threats

| On 25, Mar 2010

In so many words, Cantor told the Dems to man-up about the death threats and quit blaming conservatives. Hmmm...

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) is sick of Democratic lawmakers bitchin’ about the death threats they have received this week in response to their votes on healthcare. He claims that the Democrats are only making matters worse by discussing the incidents at all.  This makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever!

The Congressman spoke out Thursday in a press conference about the matter.  He basically said that he gets threats all the time, even a recent shot fired in his campaign office earlier this week.  He thinks it’s unfair to blame the Republicans (via the Tea Party) for the matter.  He noted that he doesn’t blame the Democrats for any of the threats he receives.

Here’s my advice for Cantor. A death threat is a death threat.  It’s uncalled for.  Just because he chooses to ignore or sweep his under the rug, doesn’t mean that everyone else should or will. Some of the Tea Party protesters were clearly out of line on Sunday.  But, there’s media coverage showing the Republicans egging their protests on, even clapping for protesters shouting “Kill the bill..” in the Capitol.

Let’s all take a step back for a second.  Can you believe that we’re even having this discussion?  It sounds like something out of  a middle school or some mental institution.  Republicans and Democrats can’t even seen eye-to-eye on death.  Now that’s a REAL problem!!  I never would have imagined that HEALTHCARE would bring out this level of bitterness.

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