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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Rep. Eric Massa Says Adios to Congress

| On 07, Mar 2010

Eric Massa: Is his resignation from a cancer scare or the sexual comments about the boys?

Another one bites the (employment) dust in Congress.

Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) has announced that Monday, March 8 will be his last day on the job.  He claims that a recurring cancer scare has sidelined him from his post.  This is his first term in Congress, having been elected in November 2008.  He is somewhat of a key figure in the healthcare debate, since he actually opposed the House bill late last year.  So with him out, the House only needs 216 votes instead of 217 (a simple majority) to get the new legislation passed.

Well of course, cancer isn’t the only concern of Massa’s.  He has also been keeping the House Ethics Committee VERY busy lately while they investigate a sexual harassment claim from one of his junior male staffers. It seems that Massa, a veteran of the Navy, was using some of that sailor’s language around the office.  It had actually been rumored for months about how inappropriate he was being with his male staffer.  ::side eye:: But, the allegations didn’t go to the Ethics Committee until early February.  So from there, it seems that the house of cards began to fall.  The alleged incident(s) are still under investigation.

And for those wondering, YES, Massa has a wife and children!  This could get very interesting…

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