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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Rep. Mark Souder Resigns from the House in Shame

| On 18, May 2010

Mark Souder, the latest face in a series of disgraced Congress members.

The infidelity train keeps on blazing through the House of Representatives.

This time, it’s Indiana’s Rep. Mark Souder, an eight-term Republican, who has jumped on board with an affair. Today he announced his resignation effective Friday from his post in the House.  He just survived a primary challenge in his Northeast Indiana district this month.

Souder admitted to having an affair with Tracy Jackson, one of his part-time female staffers in her 40s that works out of his district office in his home state.  He says, “I wish I could have been a better example.”  Hmmph.  I guess he could have with a wife, three children, and two grandchildren.  There had been whispers .. no, TRADE WINDS blowing .. about the possibility of a Souder affair.  For a long time, he brushed it off as partisan attacks against him. Of course.

He will be 60 in July and he’s CHEATING?!  I’m not throwing any stones at him, but I’m simply confused.  Let’s just say the press has yet to put him in the same boat at John Edwards with the primping and beauty regimen.

What I can respect about Souder’s resignation is that he purposely left his wife OUT of the apology process. Yes, he acknowledged her IN the apology and how he wronged her.  But, he didn’t drag her to his press conference to make her feel even worse about a situation that she had (assumingly) little to do with.  Like he said, he did the act and he needed to face the consequences on his own.

It’s unclear just yet how Souder’s seat will be filled now or how they’ll go about the process for a special election.  Way to throw a wrench in Indiana’s plans, Mark.

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