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Republicans Get Picky About Healthcare Summit

| On 24, Feb 2010

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is looking to feed that saggy thing under this chin in tomorrow's Healthcare Summit. Will there be snacks?

Tomorrow is the much-hyped Healthcare Summit between President Obama and Congressional lawmakers at Blair House.

Sure, the meeting will determine the direction of legislation that will SAVE LIVES, but who really cares?  In advance of the Summit, Republican lawmakers have been very vocal about the way they want the ROOM arranged for the meeting. Ain’t that some sh*t?  We have people dying because of lack of access to medical care, but they are figuring out the Feng Shui of the meeting space.

The main issue was the seating of POTUS among the lawmakers.  Barack smoked the Republican House members like a Marlboro at their meeting earlier this month in Baltimore.  In that setup, the President was at a podium taking questions from seated lawmakers.  In my humble opinion, it wasn’t the seating arrangement that proved fatal for the Republicans.  It was the fact that they deserved the verbal thrashing that Daddy Obama handed out!  Hell, they had been beating up on him for months!

Anyway, for tomorrow’s meeting, POTUS will not be at a podium. The Republicans will get their tables set up like a hollow square.  The lawmakers are set to be intermingled with specially-invited guests.  Oh yeah, and the event will be televised.  So, that could explain why there was so much attention to detail.  They have to make it “look” like they are working.

So, I’m wondering if Nate Berkus will be there in the morning putting the final touches on the room design?  And has the caterer been confirmed to bring Fiji waters for everyone?  ::smh::

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