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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Resident Asshole Glenn Beck Attacks Malia Obama

| On 01, Jun 2010

Glenn BecK points his wicked finger at the masses, when we're all really laughing at him.

I thought this was a pretty low blow from Glenn Beck…

Last week on his radio program, the crazy right-wing FOX talker had Sarah Palin on his program to discuss her newest neighbor on the block, Joe McGinniss.  He happens to be an author who is writing a tell-all book about the former governor.  Beck complained that it was an invasion of privacy, etc., and said that [they] need to “leave people’s families alone.”

Well, not even a few days later, President Obama publicly mentions that his oldest daughter Malia comes to him and said, “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?,” referring to the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico.  Glenn Beck found it to be the perfect opportunity not to last out at POTUS, but his 11-year-old daughter.

Beck made wisecracks wondering what the type of education Malia is receiving to ask (what he perceives to be) a dumb question. I guess he felt that at 11 years old she should know better.  I’m sure Malia is beyond bright enough to know that “Daddy” wasn’t going to roll up his shirt sleeves and swim to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico like the Little Mermaid and put his finger over the gaping hole.  Duh!

Her question was NOT dumb, though.  The adults can’t figure out when the hole is going to be plugged, so I know an 11-year-old is wondering when the hell the Gulf is going to stop looking like an ocean of Pennzoil.  No one on her TV screen has provided her, or any of us, with a clear answer.

It was a small comment from Beck, but an inappropriate one nonetheless.  I thought there were clear boundaries about the children of politicians and for the most part they had been respected.  But, if he’s so worried about who is looking into Piper Palin’s bedroom, then why can’t Malia ask an honest question?  What happened to leaving people’s families alone?

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