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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Rick Sanchez Takes the ‘L’ Of His Career at CNN

| On 01, Oct 2010

Rick Sanchez's mouth finally wrote a check that his HR rep at CNN couldn't cash. They kicked his ass off the network on Friday!

Hope you liked Rick Sanchez while he was anchoring “Rick’s List” on CNN every weekday afternoon.

Today he became a member of America’s swelling ranks of the UNEMPLOYED when damning audio surfaced from a Sirius-XM radio interview this week. Sanchez was on Standup with Pete Dominick on Thursday discussing his dislike for The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

Sanchez called Stewart a “bigot” and “prejudicial” for his on-point satire of the CNN host. He said that Jon Stewart doesn’t relate well to those that don’t agree with his point of view. He went on to bash “Northeast liberals” and Stewart’s family background, saying his upbringing was nothing like Sanchez’s working-class roots. Supposedly, Stewart’s mother was a teacher and father was a physicist, according to Rick.

The rant didn’t quite work. Rick forgot that Pete Dominick used to work for Stewart on The Daily Show, so Pete adamantly defended his old boss.

The killer part of the interview was when Sanchez, a Cuban-American, scoffed at the idea that Jews are an oppressed minority, citing their influence and dominant media ownership. He literally laughed at Dominick when he suggested it. He then attacked the CNN leadership with whom he’s had issues.

That was the line in the sand that Rick put his baby toe on. He attacked Jewish people. GAME. OVER.

Next thing we know on Friday evening, CNN issued a statement saying, “Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well.” Wow. I’m not surprised though. This is not Rick’s first time letting his mouth get him in trouble.

At first, I was shocked as hell to find out that Sanchez was let go from the network. Rick’s List, his afternoon show on CNN, seemed to be doing well. But, when I heard that he lashed out at Jon Stewart, I had to pump the brakes. I love Jon Stewart! I know that Jon’s a big boy and can handle the criticism, but he has always made fun of Sanchez in good, but accurate, faith.

Jon Stewart has made several mentions of Sanchez on his show. He would often point out some of the stupid, sensationalistic, and funny things Rick would say on the air. It was hilarious, especially all of the years he replayed the clip of Sanchez purposely getting tasered on air for a segment! Sanchez easily put himself in Stewart’s path, so what else could he expect. I can say that Jon Stewart never racially disrespected Sanchez.

Pete Dominick said it best to Sanchez: “I think you’re holding a grudge against him because he picked on you.” I. TOTALLY. AGREE.

Here’s two clips of the radio interview highlighting the JUICY stuff that got Sanchez the pink slip of the year:

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