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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Florida’s Gov-Elect Paid Campaign Workers In Gift Cards

| On 10, Nov 2010

Florida's cheap-ass Governor-Elect Rick Scott is playing with people's money in the Sunshine State.

I know we’re in a recession and all, but this one is just out of line.

Campaign workers who served now Governor-elect Rick Scott of Florida have hit the press this week crying foul from the state’s upcoming chief executive. One in particular, Mark Don Givens, came forward saying that he and others were paid for their service with American Express gift cards instead of real paychecks. WTF??

Scott is the same candidate who ran on the platform of bringing more jobs to Floridians. How the hell did he expect his campaign workers to pay their bills with American Express GIFT CARDS of all things? When have you ever been able to take a gift card to the power company and tell them to “put a little something” on next month’s bill?  (Note to Mr. Scott: They worked for you. It wasn’t their birthdays).

The gift card snafu is in violation of both tax and labor laws. This could push the state’s newly-elected Republican attorney general, Pam Bondi, to have to investigate the upcoming governor. What a way to start your four-year term!

Scott’s payment method must be a part of the “fighting corruption of the Obama/Pelosi” agenda that almost every GOP member ran on this year. *side-eye* They are fighting it so hard that they only want to hand out “atta-boy” and “atta-girls” now after weeks worth of work?! Wow. That’s some shit..

Floridians, you got yourselves in this one giving Scott almost 49% of the vote! Oh well, it still sucks for the campaign workers. Hope they get their ends…

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