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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Ridiculous Revolutionary-Era Rick Barber Ad

| On 14, Jun 2010

Sorry for the alliteration in the title, but you get my point…

I need you to watch this crazy-ass ad by Rick Barber. He is running for Congress in Alabama’s Second District runoff next month.  He’s a member of the Tea Party and, well, it’s pretty obvious from this video.

In the clip, he’s sitting with “patriots” from the 18th century updating them about what’s going on with our government.  He claims he is fighting for the Constitution, fair taxation, etc.  The ad comes across in an almost comical fashion because everyday people are not thinking about the Founders like that. I know that’s what the Tea Party is based on, but still.  It’s 2010, people.

At the end of the spot, after Barber ranting about his issues for most of the time, one of the patriots tells him to “gather your armies” in reference to fighting back at the government and their tyrannical ways. The actors are dressed in wigs and Revolutionary costumes.  It’s a real WTF moment because the ad is just borderline looney by the clip’s end.

Click the video above and watch for yourself.  The residents of Alabama won’t see this on their TV screens until a week before next month’s primary.

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