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RNC Chief of Staff Walks Out the Door

| On 06, Apr 2010

The elephant is going to trample on a few of its own staff members once this dust settles!

Heads are rolling at the Republican National Committee this week and it’s NOT pretty!

RNC Chief of Staff, Ken McCay, has resigned from his position in the wake of the latest scandal about RNC spending at a California lesbian-themed strip club.  The actual staffer who was at the club was fired by McKay.  But, it has been rumored that RNC Chairman Michael Steele took it a step further and forced McKay out.  It’s not clear whether he resigned on his own or got a kick in the ass.  Mike Leavitt, former staff to both Steele and John McCain, will take McKay’s place.

In my opinion, this is just treating the symptom and not the problem.  The elephant that is stinking up the room is really Michael Steele. He said in a recent interview that the margin of error is lower because he is a black Republican.  Umm .. naw.  The margin of error is lower because he makes himself look like an ass at every turn of events.  Republicans have lost faith in him as a leader, Democrats are relishing in the drama, and conservative talk radio (the de facto leaders of the movement) could give a damn about him.  How many more examples does he need?

It looks to me like Steele has dug in his heels and refuses to resign because of his pride.  I’m just calling a spade what it is!

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