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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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S.C. Lt. Governor Says “Lazy” People Are Immigration’s Cause

| On 26, Apr 2010

SC Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer (R) wants you to get up off your lazy a** and get to work STAT!

Just when you thought the state of South Carolina couldn’t put their foot further in their collective mouths.

The state’s Lieutenant Governor, Andre Bauer (R), had a few words to say comparing the immigration in his state to that of Arizona’s problem. He cut right to the chase and said that “flat-out lazy people” are the reason that immigration is so rampant in South Carolina.  He explained that the lazy people won’t do the jobs that the immigrants will do – hence the inflow of illegals.  Bauer said that, “The problem is we have a give-away system that is so strong that people would rather sit home and do nothing than do these jobs.”

Bauer is running for governor of South Carolina, so it’s really bothers me that he would attack his own people like that.  No matter if they’re the laziest things on Earth, they are still his current and future constituents and he owes them a little bit more respect. Yes, it’s true that some people will not do the jobs that immigrants TYPICALLY do.  But, his comment negates all of the hard-working people who do work near those income levels in silence everyday.

Welfare recipients, in my opinion, don’t always factor into this equation.  Many people have lost skilled jobs and in a lot of cases are simply overqualified to do other types of work.  Everyone on welfare is not lazy, so he needs to shut-down that Ronald Reagan “Welfare Queen” descriptor.  It’s a tired old rallying cry from the right that paints a “pick yourselves up by the bootstraps picture that’s not accurate.

Also, immigrants are not coming to America simply because we have (or had) “Help Wanted” signs out.  There are oftentimes several issues they were dealing with back home that required them to leave for a better life.  Even when our economy was good and more of our so-called “lazy” people were working, the immigrants were still coming.

I challenge the Lt. Governor to at least think before he speaks. In South Carolina, unfortunately, this has been rather hard for their lawmakers and newsmakers.  Dummy…

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