Sarah Palin Gets Her Coins!

| On 26, Apr 2010

Sarah's not just 'Going Rogue,' she's 'Going Rich' too as she collects checks from all possible sources!

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin made a serious financial come-up since 2009 and her income statement proves it!

She seems to be following in the footsteps of her FOX brethren Glenn Beck by commercializing any and everything she touches.  New York magazine wrote  a VERY LONG article about her plight from six-figure income, middle-class governor, to basically filthy rich media pundit and author.  You gotta love the “rags to riches” tone that it takes.  *side eye*

Anyhow, Ms. Palin pulled in a cool $12 million from all of the irons she has in the fire. She quit her job as Alaska governor in July 2009, only making a “mere” $125,000.  But, I guess when you have five kids, a grandchild, and some serious legal bills from Troopergate in Alaska, that salary can get smoked like a Newport 100.

I have pulled out my notepad simultaneously so that I can get Prune Juice Media whatever kind of financial access she has!  Here’s some of the areas where Sarah has cashed in:

  • $7 million book deal with HarperCollins.  Her first book, “Going Rogue,” has already moved 2.2 million copies.
  • Three-year deal as a FOX contributor worth $1 million per year.
  • Speaking fees at $100,000 per speech.  She is currently booked in a few places from Daytona Beach, Florida to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Yes, the Canucks want in on Palin-mania too…
  • A reality show about Alaska that’s set to bring in a piddly $250,000 for each of its eight episodes.  Sigh…

Everyone talks about “building their brand..,” but it seems that Palin has built her bank account, even if not exactly outlining her brand.  Who the hell cares about that “hopey changey stuff” when you can line your pockets for so much more?!

One other interesting point to note from the article.  It seems that she quit her position as governor because the money and voter approval just wasn’t there. She was also deeply in debt from legal troubles.  I clearly remember people GUESSING that when it happened, but Palin giving some type of canned rebuttal.  It’s funny how the media and general public can be so far removed from someone, but still be so spot-on about WHY someone makes a certain move.

All in all, whether or not you agree with her decisions, Sarah had BILLS TO PAY!  She was not thinking about anything but getting those ends to her creditors and her family.  End of story.

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