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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Sarah Palin Meets Her Match With Alaska Protester

| On 10, Aug 2010

Check out this video that Kathleen Gustafson, an Alaskan teacher, posted on YouTube.

She confronted Sarah Palin in Homer, Alaska while the former governor was filming her docu-series about the Alaskan wilderness. Gustafson held up a banner that read “WORST GOVERNOR EVER” and Palin, her daughter Bristol, her husband Todd, and a few other people approached her. Palin then engaged with a brief, but not heated, back and forth with Gustafson about why she left the governor’s mansion and some of her policies.

I’m so glad that this teacher stood up and told her how real Alaskans feel PLAYED by their money-hungry ex-governor. She has done nothing but use her former office to pad her bank account. I am all for getting your coins. But, who quits being a governor in mid-term to join FOX News and DOESN’T have an ulterior motive??

This video shows an unscripted moment that Palin didn’t seem too happy about. She took to her Facebook page to call the major news outlets “the Lame Stream Media” for blowing up the story. In actuality, it was the Huffington Post that really gave the story its legs.

It’s so funny how Palin makes fun of the same institution (i.e., the mainstream media) that keeps her employed. Remember, Palin is still a Fox News contributor.

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