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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Sarah Palin “Pals Around” With McCain .. Again!

| On 27, Mar 2010

Biker, Grandpa, and Church Deaconess ... John McCain's Senate campaign has come to life (I think).

Sarah Palin paid a visit to Arizona this week to campaign for her old running mate, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). He is up for reelection in November, but must also survive the Arizona GOP primary on August 24 vs. J.D. Hayworth, a Tea Party favorite in the state.

Well, Sarah made it out to The Grand Canyon State complete with her biker-meets-MILF jacket and all of the spunky Alaska-isms you could ever want.  She wasted no time hammering the Obama Administration and McCain’s opponent on the following:

  • Obamacare. She noted that Fidel Castro likes Obama’s plan, but the American people don’t. So, of course, Obama is now tied to a dictator.
  • Threats of violence toward Democratic lawmakers. They are making that stuff up.  It’s a conspiracy of the left-wing media to divert attention from the real fight … liberty, freedom, and the right to have private insurance pimps companies.
  • The idea that John McCain is too old for the Senate. Yeah, he’s 142 years old.  So what?  He’ll be 143 in August.  How dare you bring up the idea that Arizona needs fresh thought from at least the 20th century?!  J.D. Hayworth is bad (well, he really is), but who cares that he’s younger?  Sarah says we need McCain’s centuries of experience to get us through all this mess he helped drag us through.  Yep, he’s your man!
  • Tea Party vs. Moderate Conservatives. That’s a farce.  That maverick is right down there with the people fighting everyday for the psycho nutjobs, some of which happen to be members of the Tea Party.  McCain goes with whatever flow will get him elected.  So, if it means Tea Party this week, then dammit, McCain has always led the Tea Party!!  Sarah doesn’t want you to think for a minute that McCain is less than a hardcore (and temporarily popular) Tea Party member.

So, that was about all she wrote in the McPalin rally yesterday.  She reached for the same tired punchlines, rallying the troops behind repealing a healthcare bill that America needs, and attacking the “lame-stream media,” to use her term.  What more did you expect?

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