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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Sarah Palin’s List of Demands For Her Speaking Engagements

| On 14, Apr 2010

Sarah only uses the finest BENDABLE straws in her onstage water during a speech. LOL!

Sarah Palin is causing tension at one California university weeks in advance of her scheduled appearance on June 25.

Here’s the scoop.  The school announced last month that the former Alaska governor would be speaking at California State University, Stanislaus in a few months.  Of course, any Palin appearance is going to generate some type of hype and controversy.

Well, here’s where it gets ugly.  On Tuesday, some CSU students searching through a Dumpster found what they believe to be several pages of Palin’s contract to speak at the school.  They saw people carrying paper trash and documents out of a building on a furlough day, which was an obvious tip-off.

The contract does not identify her by name, but does name the company, Washington Speakers Bureau, that represents her.  As we know, Palin has been commanding some hefty fees since quitting her job as Alaska governor – upwards of $100,000 per speech.

The controversy lies in the public’s right to know who in the hell is funding Palin’s visit to CSU, Stanislaus. The foundation that supports the school officially invited Palin.  Since they are a private entity, they did not have to reveal any details about the contract or Palin’s fees.  But, the California attorney general has already launched an investigation into the nonprofit’s relationship with the University.  He will now look into who authorized the documents being tossed.  He and a San Francisco lawmaker are working to change the state law so that private foundations supporting public institutions will be subject to public scrutiny.  I agree with that idea…

Here are some of Palin’s demands for her appearance:

  • Round-trip, first-class commercial air tickets between Anchorage, Alaska and the event city, OR
  • A private plane that must be a Lear 60 or larger
  • One bedroom suite and two single rooms in a deluxe hotel
  • Tightly-controlled media coverage … allowing photo ops only during the first few minutes of the speech
  • Well-coordinated photo ops with Palin (complete with furniture diagrams)
  • Two bottles of water and bendable straws

I smell a real “cover your ass” move going on at CSU.  I already find it odd that Palin’s contract says that no one can disclose what she’s being paid .. yet she’s speaking at a PUBLIC university and paid by a PRIVATE foundation.  It’s also really strange that workers (DUH!!) are working on furlough days.

But the biggest question of all is WHY IN GOD’S NAME ARE STUDENTS GOING THROUGH DUMPSTERS?!?! *gag reflex*  Yuck!!!  Don’t they have CLASS?!?!  Lol…

(Thanks to Jocelyn for the story tip!)

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