Saudi Censors Help Mariah Carey Find Her Clothes

| On 06, Oct 2010

Who left the gate open? Censors in Saudi Arabia tried to add some e-fabric to Mariah's legs. It looks like an e-polyester and e-velour mess.

This is exactly why we have freedom of expression in the United States. When you don’t have it, these photos are the sh*tty result.

Pop songstress Mariah Carey has fans all over the world. Saudi Arabia is no different.  But, they aren’t quite feeling the skimpy attire she sports on almost every album cover. So, they decided to put some graphic artists to work to “create” some clothes for Mariah so her albums can sell locally. This is truly laughable. If I was Mariah, I would be pissed off!

I shared these photos to show how real censorship is. Mariah can wear damn near a teddy and pumps on TV in the U.S., but showing an ankle in the Middle East is akin to porn. LOL! It’s an album cover people!!*smh*

[Shout-out to Foolocracy for the photo link!]

Here are a few more overdressed album cover shots of Ms. Carey below and here:

This is my favorite album of hers! Why mess with a good photo? LOL!

So much for that midriff and exposed thigh!

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