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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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SCOTUS Justice Thinks of Saying Peace to the Court

| On 05, Apr 2010

Justice Stevens is biding his time until he throws in his two-week notice and the long black robe!

In this economy, having a job or some stream of income is a real blessing, especially if it’s a guaranteed lifetime position.

But, at damn near 90 years old, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is about ready to throw in the towel and chuck the deuces to America’s highest court. The man is tired, people!!!  He is a leader of the liberal side of the court, an important ally for the Obama Administration.  He originally took the job in 1975 under President Gerald Ford, before most of us were born.

In recent interviews with major dailies, Stevens said that he will retire either this year or in 2011.  If he makes it to the end of February 2011, he’ll be the longest serving justice in the court’s history.

I’m sorry, but it would have been long overdue for me to throw in my resignation letter and speed my 1972 Buick down Capitol Avenue for the last time. There is no workplace that truly NEEDS my service at that advanced age.  They would hate me anyway.  Do you know what kind of hissyfit I would throw if you ate my lunch out of the company refrigerator – and I’ve been working there since 1975?!!  Or, what is someone REALLY going to say if you leave at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday.  I would DARE someone to have an opinion!

Justice Stevens is probably just there physically, but is pretty much checked out mentally on the day-to-day stuff.  We wish him well whenever he does decide to let his career ride into the sunset.  Thirty-five years is long enough to put up with a lemonade stand, let alone the highest court in the free world!

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