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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Aide Caught With Weed In Capitol Office Bldg.

| On 10, Sep 2010

Imagine Sen. Barbara Boxer with a similar WTF face when she learned one of her aides brought WEED in the Hart Senate Office Building.

Ok, for some reason, this story is kinda funny to me. And NO, I did not smoke pot and get the giggles .. yet.

Anyway, Senator Barbara Boxer’s (D-Calif.) aide, Marcus Stanley, was stopped by Capitol Police for trying to remove and conceal a”leafy green substance” while entering the Hart Office Building near the U.S. Capitol. Police determined that it was marijuana.

Stanley served as an economics adviser on Boxer’s team since 2009. And I do mean SERVED in the past tense! He quickly humped himself over the nearest Underwood typewriter and banged out a most imme-JIT resignation letter. Big Mama Boxer accepted his request to leave, since it’s an obvious violation of standards. Duh..

The real WTF question is how does one bring marijuana anywhere near THE. EFFING. CAPITOL. BUILDING?! If Stanley was an adviser, then he had regular access to her office. Has he met the Capitol Police?! Goddamb! They are NOT friendly. When I was there in June, they wouldn’t let a diabetic man in our group have a small bag of chips [no lie] to get through security. A DIABETIC?! Did Stanley think he was above technology and no one would notice the smell or look of some good gunja in his pocket?

Now, that’s just a flat-out dumb ass move now that I really think about it. Clearly, his economics advisement could not have been that strong. Economically, he is out of a fresh job! Now does that make any sense?

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