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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Sen. Jim Bunning FINALLY Gets His Mind Right!

| On 03, Mar 2010

Sen. Jim Bunning throws up his hands in surrender to the American people!

The charade is over now.  Thank God.

Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) has given up his holdout on a vote to extend unemployment benefits to hundreds of thousands of people.   The measure will also free up funding for highway construction inspectors, rural satellite television, and anti drunk-driving support.  Because of the senator’s holdout vote, thousands of people were furloughed from work Monday and Tuesday and unemployment benefits have been delayed for March for recipients across the country.

The Democrats, led by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), struck a deal with Bunning to get him to vote for the funding extension.  He will get one vote on an amendment to pay for the $10 billion bill.  It is also speculated, per Roll Call, that he will get two votes on another amendment to extend unemployed benefits for another year.

This give and take plays right into Bunning’s hand.  The whole reason he “claimed” he would not originally vote for the bill was because there was no way to pay for it.  Yet, he voted to fund George Bush’s OFF-BUDGET “wars of choice.”  I’m sure the senator wouldn’t want me to let the record show here for his defense spending votes since 2001.

The American people were NOT playing with Sen. Bunning!  Just since Monday, he and his staff received several death and bomb threats to all of his offices in Kentucky and Washington.

The real scoop is that the same “Party of No” Republicans couldn’t dare look their constituents in the face and say they ALLOWED one of their own to block money to literally millions of need people.  That strategy had “a$$-whippin” written all over it in the upcoming elections.  I knew it wasn’t going to last too long.

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