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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Sen. Jim Bunning Is Messing With Folks Money!!

| On 01, Mar 2010

Senator Jim Bunning, the enemy of hard-working people...

Meet Senator Jim Bunning of the great Commonwealth of Kentucky!  Some of you might be rather pissed today with this gentleman…

The Senate recently voted to extend a $10 billion package of federal aid and subsidies for both the employed and unemployed.  But, Murphy’s Law says somebody has got to eff up everything, so this week’s award goes to Sen. Bunning.  He is blocking a vote on the bill, which has delayed the entire process and started it over again.  Mind you, the previous set of funding expired on Sunday (Feb. 28).

If you are affected by and or receive benefits from the following industries, feel free to turn your immediate *side-eye* to this senator:

  • Federal highway construction – including the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  There are road construction personnel at construction sites that depend on nearly 2,000 federal inspectors to do their jobs.  Without inspectors, everyone has to stay home.
  • Unemployment benefits and COBRA subsidies affecting up to 400,000 people.  This is just a little thing called HEALTH INSURANCE for the unemployed…
  • Doctors receiving Medicare reimbursements. Some are scaling back their practices and patient loads until the money comes through.
  • Rural satellite TV service. Yes, your flat screen might be dark for quite a while if you live out in the country…

So, thank Senator Bunning for the latest round of “Republican WTF.”  This time I can’t even blame all Republicans because he was the only one who held up the vote of the entire 100-member Senate.  He claims he is trying to be fiscally responsible and that we should pay for the bill outright.  That logic would work well if we paid for those tax cuts for the rich and these two illegal wars in that way too.  But, we didn’t.  Go figure.

Some are saying it could be a little while before the bill is passed and money starts flowing to the states.  A black TV screen and a long wait at the doctor are NOT my ideas of fun!

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