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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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Shirley Sherrod To Sue Andrew Breitbart

| On 30, Jul 2010


Former scorned USDA employee, Shirley Sherrod, is not letting her 15 minutes of fame fade off into the sunset quietly. Naw…

Sherrod spoke to the National Association of Black Journalists convention in San Diego on Thursday. During her speech, she confirmed that she will be pursuing Andrew Breitbart’s ass in court via a nice lawsuit. She wants to make that very clear. She is not backing down from this one lightly.

Unless you have complete amnesia, you’ll remember that last week was “Shirley Sherrod Week” in the U.S. She went from having and losing her job on Monday to media, Cabinet-level, and presidential apologies by Friday.

The brou-ha-ha stemmed from Breitbart’s release of a severely-edited video on July 19 showing Shirley Sherrod speaking to an NAACP chapter in March. She discussed her struggles race in her decision-making as a USDA employee. In her job, she primarily deals with farmers in rural Georgia. Sherrod’s father also happened to be killed by a white farmer when she was young.

In the full clip, she illustrated how she overcame all of what happened to her to actually mend fences with white farmers and become close to them.  Breitbart’s chopped and screwed video didn’t capture even a percentage of that.

Well, Shirley’s character has been defamed, so she’s going to get his ass back.  Trust and believe that. Some have also said that Shirley is the racist for calling Breitbart one. Breitbart says the video was never about Sherrod, but about the larger (and racist) NAACP. Do you all see the pattern of MESS here?

As Shirley would say, “Andrew, we’ll see YOU in court buddy!” lol…

Here’s the full UNEDITED version of Sherrod’s speech that puts the first clip in its proper context:

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