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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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‘Sleazy’ Is How Sarah Palin Describes the GOP Establishment

| On 04, Nov 2010

Sarah Palin is not afraid to throw jabs at the GOP bosses for throwing salt on her potential 2012 presidential bid.

One of Sarah Palin’s better moments of honesty came when she recently described the current GOP establishment at “sleazy.” I can’t much blame her.

Palin’s rant came from a weekend dust-up in Politico about the Republicans throwing cold water on her potential bid to run for president in 2012. It’s been said that the party’s “establishment” are already eyeing other candidates besides her for the GOP presidential bid.

Palin had the following remarks, per another article in Politico:

“Some within the establishment don’t like the fact that I won’t back down to a good-old-boys club,” Palin remarked. “A lot of this has to do with control, power, money.”

“Establishment bosses and advisers that try to shape a candidate and get paid to shape that candidate,” she added. “It’s very sleazy.”

In short, the GOP ain’t feelin her and they are trying to cut their losses now because the American people damn sure don’t want her as president! They want to WIN! She’s just mad even though she already lost her bid to be vice president in 2008.

I can agree with her comment about the good-old-boys club. Some, such as Karl Rove, live and breathe in that world and have made it quite known they don’t want her as president. You see what evil they can do the Democrats. Imagine how much easier it is politically to take out one of their own. Hmm…

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